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Doing my bit

I'm conscious of the untold problems with our environment and our impact on global warming. As a responsible wedding industry supplier I recognise the need to keep my carbon footprint as low as possible. Therefore I have taken the following steps to run my business with as low a carbon footprint as possible. 

  • Paperless administration, contracts and invoicing - I use digital only invoicing with my clients. Nothing to print off and mail out. 

  • Low Energy office equipment and editing tools - I use Apple products which have excellent energy efficiency and use sustainable materials.

  • Low polluting travel - whilst I still need to drive to locations, my transport is on the lower side of emissions.

  • Rechargeable batteries and power sources - all my equipment runs from rechargeable batteries and or USB power supply so I don't throw away or repurchase batteries regularly.

  • FSC certified printing  - for albums and photo print collections I only work with photo labs which use responsible sources of paper

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