Fancy Camera


Welcome to my photography portfolio and website. I have been taking photos for over ten years, starting out as a photographer of the stage. My fascination with live story telling (in another life, I was also a theatre director and producer!) has continued hand in hand with my photography. 

I enjoy being out in the environment and working with people. I craft images which I hope are unique, beautiful and compelling. I'm also a complete photo geek, obsessing over the newest lens or piece of equipment. 

My photography services include:


I shoot on a full frame Sony A7iii camera and high quality Sony lenses. In my opinion, they offer the sharpest, most dynamic images on the market. I edit on Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I retouch and colour grade my images in my studio myself.

If you're interested in using my services, I'd be thrilled to hear from you. You can contact me here. and you can check out my services here.